The Sphinx

Egypt Sphinx Pyramid Cairo Giving Monument

Travelers and tourists are always baffled on the meaning and significance of the sphinx that is found in the front of the Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. This has become a source of academic talk over what it all means and what it does not. Now, I am to try to discuss the issue of the Sphinx and what it stands for.

The first version is the Egyptian version, which,dates back to the time of the construction of the pyramid of Giza. This I suggested how it was constructed from the article on The Pyramid Of Giza and End Tim prophecies. The story goes that a sphinx appears to a city and provides them a riddle: What is it that walks with four legs in the morning, two in the afternoon and three in the day? Anyone who didn’t answer the riddle is killed, until Oedipus was able to answer the question. The Sphinx, Confused, threw itself on the cliff and died.

The Sphinx in this sense is only representing thought forms that’s been made by human beings which result in strong ties of propensities. Pondering on such propensities lead to a viscous cycle, where, like a head with several snakes because its hairs, the further you remove the hairs the longer they grow back. Hence no progress is ever made in the dilemma of redemption in the vice. At the time when people can still see thought forms, many clairvoyants regards some of those forms as gods and elevate them to that level. But this specific form has a lot to do with womanhood and motherhood.

The next one, the Egyptian one, is actually the representative in stone of the four living creatures mentioned in the bible book of Revelations, which comprises of the Eagle, the Lion, The Ram with Human Countenance, and the Bull. All these are represented also in the signs of the Zodiac in Leo, Aries, Taurus. The Eagle is represented by the Scorpio, which in earlier Zodiac signs was represented as the Eagle.

This is the representation in symbolic forms of the Living creatures, who are the pillars of creation, through whose radiations creation came to be and exist. It is the Holy Spirit, he who is seated on the Throne, that passes his creative radiations using these creatures.

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